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ScraPuzzle©: Homepage where any site related with scrapbook crafting can be displayed on the showcase.

ScraPuzzle© Block: the smallest (25 x 25 pixels) component of the ScraPuzzle©.

ScraPuzzle© Piece: formed for one or several acquired Blocks, and once filled with your image, constitutes your part of the ScraPuzzle©.

ScraPuzzle© Position: zone where your Piece will be inserted on the ScraPuzzle©, and is determined by the column of letters (vertical) and the file of numbers (horizontal) which add up to the Blocks that make the Piece.
1) The Position of a Piece formed by just one Block and settled on the first corner (the upper and left one) is: A1.
2) The Position of a square Piece formed by 4 Blocks could be: C5,C6,D5,D6.
3) If you acquire 8 Blocks to form one rectangular & horizontal Piece, and want to put it on column F starting on line 40, the Blocks that make the Position of this Piece are: F40, G40, H40, I40 & F41, G41, H41, I41.

ScraPuzzle© Builder: any site that has a Piece on the ScraPuzzle©.


Which is the purpose of the ScraPuzzle© ?
The object of ScraPuzzle© is to display a showcase of all sites involved with the awesome hobby of scrapbook crafting.

Who may have Pieces on the ScraPuzzle© ?
ScraPuzzle© Builders are related with manual & digital scrapbook crafting i.e. home scrappers, company scrappers, websites, scrap bloggers, personal avatars, columnists, designers, shops, editors, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, stores, forums, distributors, digital designers’ sellers, organizations, meetings, clubs, associations, independent consultants, teachers, event promoters, instructors, etc.

How the ScraPuzzle© will be made ?
It will be made as making a scrapbooking digital collage layout for all who wants to be part of it.

Why is it like making a layout ?
Because each one will add their own “scrap element” (ScraPuzzle© Piece) by placing its image with the design, colors, size, form and position they wish.

Which is the size of the ScraPuzzle© ?
It’s just of 1,260 Blocks, so be sure not to miss being there!!!

How long will be my Piece in the ScraPuzzle© ?
The advertising concept is lifetime, so your Piece will be as long as your site exists.

Which is the geographical limitation of the ScraPuzzle© ?
Scrapbooking is a universal hobby, so is the ScraPuzzle©. There are no geographical limitations and scrap-relates from all over the world are welcome.
A good idea could be to have scrappers and/or sites from any determined country agree to work together on part of the ScraPuzzle© acquiring Blocks to put in the middle their country flag.


How much does each Block cost ?
The initial price of each Block is US$10. This price will be increased as the ScraPuzzle© is being built, so hurry up!!!

How many Blocks can be acquired ?
You can acquire from just one Block (25 x 25 pixels) up to the number you want to make your ScraPuzzle© Piece. There are no limitations.

Is there any limitation to the number of Pieces that I can insert on the ScraPuzzle© ?
You can insert as many Pieces as you want on the available spaces the times you want. You may also use the same or different images, URL´s linked and “Alt Texts” (site description) for each one of the Pieces you want to add.

What happens if by chance the same Position is selected for different ScraPuzzle© Builders, and you receive their emails with the data at the same time ?
The first one who made the payment has the priority over the other, so in this cases the second Builder will be asked for a new available position.

Is it allowed to reserve Positions ?
Yes, you can reserve as many Positions as you want by acquiring the number of Blocks required to fill the Piece on that Position. In these cases, you must inform us that the acquisition is for the reservation and all the reserved Pieces will show the blue sky and the word “Reserved” on the ScraPuzzle© until the image to fill them is sent.

Is it allowed to re-sell reserved Positions ?
Yes, you can “invest” on the ScraPuzzle©. The person or company who reserves a Piece’s Position has paid in advance for it and is the legitimate owner of the right to put a Piece over this Position, so it can be sold just one time to a third person at the price agreed.
For use of the Piece sold and for security reasons, the image, URL link and Alt Text must be sent to us by the same person and with the same email used to make the reservation.

When I purchase one or several Blocks to be inserted on the ScraPuzzle©, do I become owner of this part of the site ?
No, you only acquire the right to add the Blocks as a Piece on the Position determinate by its coordinates, filling this Piece with the desired image and linked to the desired URL and Alt Text, and having all of this as long as your site exists.

Will it be necessary to pay again to renovate the Piece ?
The Piece acquirement is just one time and no renovation is needed (Lifetime concept).

Is there a refund ?
Once payment is made there is no refund at all.

What else does a ScraPuzzle© Builder have to do after payment is made ?
You must send to scrapuzzle@gmail.com the following:

  1. The image that will fill the Piece you acquired (please double check the size due it must be the same size of the whole Piece to be filled.
  2. The URL that will link your site to the image (double check it’s working okay).
  3. The “Alt Text” description of the site (maximum of 50 words).
  4. The title in CAPITALS of the site.
  5. The Position (coordinates formed for a letter and the number of each of the Blocks that make your Piece) of where you want to add your Piece (check first for availability over a refreshed ScraPuzzle© screen). Remember that your banner Position should be inside one kind of Issue. If not, the Blocks will have its prices according to the Issue they are into.
  6. The country where your site is based.
If you are reserving a Position for future filled or for re-sale, please let us know in order to insert the blue sky Piece with the text “Reserved”.


How many Pieces may I insert ?
You can insert from just one Piece up to the number you want to have in the ScraPuzzle©, no limitations.

Can the Pieces be inserted wherever I want ?
Yes, but just on the available positions, so you must check first over a refreshed ScraPuzzle© screen for empty spaces and positions availability.

How can I choose where to put my Piece ?
You must select and inform us the Position where you want to put your Piece using the ScraPuzzle© coordinates of the Piece as described at “ScraPuzzle© Position” in the Glossary section.

How may I know the size of my Piece on the ScraPuzzle© ?
Each Block is 25×25 pixels, so here you have some combinations as a guide, but you can do any combination you want. For example:

If you want a Piece size of:
The total Blocks to be acquired are:
25 x 25
25 x 50
50 x 50
75 x 50
75 x 75
50 x 100
75 x 100

100 x 100


150 x 75
125 x 100
125 x 125
and so on…..

How will I know that my Piece is already inserted on the ScraPuzzle© ?
Once payment is made, your Piece will be inserted very soon, usually within the next 48 hours (but please be kind flexible). You must check the ScraPuzzle© to look for your Piece.


What kind of images may be used on the Piece ?
The Pieces can be filled with JPG, GIF, or PNG format images with a reasonable file size. Blinkies and animations are welcome.

What kind of design can be used on the Piece ?
You can use what you want allways keeping in mind that the site is “Family Oriented”. Use your own design abilities and imagination to make your Piece outstanding over the other ScraPuzzle© Builders.

May Pieces be moved from their Position after inserted ?
As any puzzle building, once a Piece is inserted on its place within the ScraPuzzle©, it must not be moved. It automatically will be part of the ScraPuzzle©.

May Pieces be removed from the ScraPuzzle© ?
If for whatever reason in the future you want your image and link be removed from the ScraPuzzle©, you can order us to do that proving first that you are the legitimate Piece owner using the same email used to make payment. Please note that you will not get a refund and the Blocks (position) that formed the Piece will become publicly available again. So if you are removed and want to be again on the ScraPuzzle© you must acquire your Blocks once again at the currently price.

Do I get more than a image on ScraPuzzle© ?
Yes, you obtain all these features:

  1. Each Piece you insert on the ScraPuzzle© will be linked to the URL you send us.
  2. But there is more: Each Piece will have an “Alt Text” (text which appears when the mouse pointer arrow is over it) with the description you want.
  3. But that isn’t all: You will also have on the Builders List your image linked to your URL with its Alt Text site description, title and based country.

Which is the maximum length of the “Alt Text” (site description) ?
It must be up to fifty (50) words. You can describe your site, your work, your legacy to scrapbooking, and so on.

What happens if the “Alt Text” (site description) I sent is over 50 words ?
This “Alt Text” will be reduced for us to 50 words without any consultation or advice.

May the “Alt Text” (site description) be changed ?
Once an ScraPuzzle© Piece is described with an “Alt Text”, it cannot be changed. Remember, the central idea of the ScraPuzzle© spins around its lifetime permanency and, as in all puzzles, once a Piece is inserted anything can change.

How will web surfers know that I am a ScraPuzzle© Builder ?
You may add a ScraPuzzle© button to be displayed in your site. You will find a variety of buttons in the Link to Us section.

What happens if the image I sent to fill my Piece is not exactly the same size ?
We will re-size the image to fit your Piece according to the number of Blocks you acquired and the way it will be inserted on the ScraPuzzle©, with no refund and no obligation to give you any advice. For this reason, you must double check the image size before sending it.

What happens if I did not select the Position by informing its coordinates where my Piece will be inserted?
Your Piece will be inserted on the first upper available place on which it can be fitted with no advice given.

May the URL link be changed ?
Once a Piece is added to the ScraPuzzle©, the URL linked to it canot be changed.

What kind of URL´s can be linked ?
Just URL´s related in any way with scrapbook crafting can be linked. If the website or page of the URL is changed to link any other site, it will be removed without any notification or refund, and the Blocks that made that Piece will become publicly available again.

What happens if I change the site, or if the site no longer exists?
The Blocks you purchased were to form the initial image of the Piece linked to the intial site url. If you change it you must purchase the Blocks again at their currently price. If your site closes, as the policy permanency of the ad on the ScraPuzzle© is lifetime while your site exists, we will be allowed to delete your piece and clear the purchased space in order to be sold to another interested person.


What if I have a question or doubt that definitely isn´t answered here ?
Please look for all above the answer of your question.
Priority will be given to emails with questions not listed here.