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  • The Piece you will have a the ScraPuzzle© is lifetime, as longer as your site exists.
  • The Piece acquisition is just one time and no renovation is needed.
  • You can acquire from just one Block (25 x 25 pixels) up to the number you want to make your ScraPuzzle© Piece. There are no limitations.
  • You can “invest” on the ScraPuzzle© paying and reserving positions and reselling them just one time.
  • Once a Piece is inserted in its place into the ScraPuzzle©, it must not be moved or changed, due to the fact that it will be part of it.


$10.00 USD each 25×25 pix Block as longer as your site exists

Agreement with America Scrapbooking: You may get free lifetime 25×25 Blocks advertising with them……..Check America Scrapbooking Bonus

 Here it is the Paypal button to make your payment

(Note 1: The name “Advertising Partner” is right)

(Note 2: Type the purchased quantity of Blocks and click on “Update” to get the total amount)

You may also make a direct payment of the total amount of Blocks purchased to our Paypal account which is our email address.


If you don’t have a banner already finished and don’t handle/have a graphics editing program you may use one of these free online very easy steps to create yours with your own designs and artistic taste:

123-Banner BannerCreator MyBannerMaker

BannerFans BannerSketch BannerMaker

 After your payment, you should email to

the following:

1) The image that will fill the Piece you acquired (please double check the size due it must be the same size of the Piece to be filled).

2) The URL that will link to the image (double check it is working okay).

3) The “Alt Text” description of the site (maximum 50 words).

4) The title in CAPITALS of the site.

5) The Position (coordinates formed by the letter and the number of each of the Blocks that make your Piece) of where you want to add your Piece (check first for availability over a refreshed ScraPuzzle© screen).

6) The country where your site is based.

If you are reserving a Position for the future or for re-sale, please let us know in order to insert the blue sky Piece with the text “Reserved”.

Once payment has been cleared, your Piece will be inserted as soon as possible. It is usually within 48 hours following payment, but please be flexible. You must check the ScraPuzzle© to look for your Piece.

The Pieces may be filled with JPG, GIF, or PNG format images with a reasonable file size. Blinkies and animations are welcome. If you send us an image that doesn not have the exact size according to the number of Blocks you acquired, it will be re-sized with no obligation to advise you about. For this reason, you must double check the image size before sending it.

You may add a ScraPuzzle© button to be shown in site informing that you are a ScraPuzzle© Builder. You will find a variety of buttons in the Link to Us section.