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The Worldwide Scrapbooking Sites Showcase

Main benefices of having a “Piece” on the ScraPuzzle:

1) The all market best value Cost/Time due your ad never expires.

2) As the advertising permanency concept is “while your site exists”, your ad will be seen for thousands of persons.

3) Due the original and creative of the idea and the intensive promoting campaign we have already started, the site is a reliable way to improve the SEO (Search Engines Optimization) and PR (Google Page Rank) of your site by the fact of having a link in a Homepage of a site with high traffic. You can get this possibility for as low as the price of just one Block.

4) Our covering is Worldwide, so your “Piece” also will be!!! See all our world internet scrapbooking presence at the bottom of the ScraPuzzle Home Page.

5) Your investment can be from as low as the price of just one Block (a true bargain considering its endless time of permanency and wide covering) to an almost unlimited Block quantity.

6) You will get two linked images to your URL in two different pages: the Home page and the Builders List page, with its own 50 words site description each, and one site title in CAPITALS.

7) You are full free to select your logo/banner position among all available spaces.

8) If you do a GOOGLE search with such wide words as “Worldwide Scrapbooking” you will find our site within the FIRST TOP positions.

9) Due search engines as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. track Alt Texts, your Alt Text description will be detected as a Mega Tag raising your site in their searching listings (SEO).

10) For the same above reason and due that on the Puzzle Home Page will be many ads with their own Alt Text descriptions, the ScraPuzzle will be tracked for Search Engines through thousands of different keywords which is also granted of a high position on them.

11) The project is sustained for an advertise campaign in related sites which is scheduled to be gradually increased.

12) It is already receiving a lot of visits, driving it to reach good positions on the main Scrapbooking & Moms related worldwide Topsites (check them at the bottom of the Puzzle Home Page), which means very high possibilities of seeing your ad from all over the world.

13) An invitation to visit your site will be posted at our FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages.

14) On line since 2005.

15) We don’t sell any kind of scrapbooking related stuff, so in this sense we don’t take any self advantage over your advertisement on this site as others sites do.