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About Us

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The Worldwide Scrapbooking Sites Showcase


This showcase is a “puzzle” of 787,500 pixels (1,260 blocks, 25 x 25 pixels each) made for all scrappers (blogs, personal, non profit, commercial and corporative sites) from all over the world.

All of you are most welcome to insert your “piece” on the ScraPuzzle©, even if it is just one block with the avatar of a weekend scrapper mom or a blogger, or a big group of Blocks for a corporative site.

Scrapbooking is the worldwide hobby that has had most growth in the last 8 years. Every day there appear dozens of related websites and weblogs, and more and more people of countries from around the world are engaging in this great hobby. For this reason, ScraPuzzle© has thrown this great puzzle with the idea of having a showcase of all sites involved with scrapbooking in just one Homesite.

ScraPuzzle© was launched with the idea that all people related with this hobby, may add their own image like making a collage layout, helping to build this giant puzzle.

In this sense, the main idea of the ScraPuzzle© revolves around its permanency. Your site image placed on it will never be moved as long as your site exists. Precisely for this reason, the preliminary studies made by some of the best groth internet specialists and based on the tendencies and behavior, with no doubt ScraPuzzle© soon will become the more visited scrapbooking website on the whole net.

Due the original and creative of the idea and the intensive promoting campaign we have already started, the site is a reliable way to improve the SEO (Search Engines Optimization) and PR (Google Page Rank) of your site by the fact of having a link in a Homepage of a site with high traffic.