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States are in the frontline of witnessing these overdose deaths. This research can help inform their prescription overdose prevention initiatives and save lives, Frieden said. The CDC researchers analyzed 2013 data from prescription drug-monitoring programs in California, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Ohio and West Virginia, which stand for about one-quarter of the U.S. Population. The study found a small amount of doctor who were heavy prescribers. For instance, the very best 1 % of prescribers wrote twenty five % of narcotic prescriptions in Delaware, weighed against about 12 % in Maine.The other countries are not far behind–with health experts and governmental authorities recommending and approving most of these health care products and medicines manufactured from natural ingredients. Continue reading for the countless benefits that affirm the effectiveness of herbal medicines- – in more ways than one. Natural Qualities Galore In the contemporary scenario, when quite a few commercially available products are having an adverse influence on the fitness of their consumers and inflicting unwarranted unwanted effects; these natural basic products are proving to be the safest best for health experts and patients alike. For example, Bio-strath Elixir, a herb structured formula, reduces wellness risk to a great extent and is well-liked by people searching for that tiny bit extra for a wholesome life.