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And through everything, she never really knew that the eight mercury-containing silver amalgam fillings in her tooth were the nagging problem. History of mercury findings In 1977, scientists published results linking mercury to adverse neurological results [ Researchers from the University of Arkansas determined that ‘mercury was discovered to penetrate and damage the blood-brain barrier extremely rapidly, leading to a dysfunction of the blood-brain barrier system.’ The scientists had conducted a meta-analysis of ‘significant literature concerning the neurotoxic ramifications of mercury, biochemical, physiological, and morphological.’ Further, the 1977 study determined: In experimental versions, it was found that the sensory neurons in the spinal ganglia and granule cells in the cerebellum were most susceptible to mercury poisoning.Wallace, MD, MPH, Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida, stated, This is a significant study for Barrett's esophagus surveillance because it demonstrates that a targeted biopsy technique using endoscope based confocal laser endomicroscopy could be a superior option to random biopsy protocols. .

Aberrant DNA methylation may initiate cancer development Cells control which genes they express by multiple mechanisms, among which may be the direct modification of DNA with little molecules. Methylation of genes effectively silences them, and unwanted DNA methylation, of genes that control the cell cycle particularly, is known to promote cancer formation. However, it is unclear whether the enzymes that modify DNA in this manner target particular genes or whether random modifications select cells for enhanced tumorigenic capactiy.