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There have been no other affected people in the patients’ families . Karyotyping, performed in each patient during the initial clinical investigation, revealed no abnormalities. Analysis of the GNAS locus, which includes sequencing of GNAS exons 1 through 13 and evaluation of methylation at the four differentially methylated regions, also uncovered no abnormalities . In our three unrelated patients, the same heterozygous cytosine-to-thymidine mutation was determined in exon 11 of PRKAR1A , leading to the truncation of the last 14 amino acids of the protein .Of these patients, 106 had positive results on examining for EBOV. The distribution of EVD regarding to age was bimodal, with peak incidences among children more than 15 years of age and among adults between the ages of 26 and 40 years . Among confirmed cases, 59 individuals were feminine, including 1 pregnant female who got a miscarriage immediately before her diagnosis. The majority of patients started in Kailahun District, & most of them originated from two chiefdoms for the reason that district, Jawei and Kissi Teng .