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5. Beware of high blood pressure In case you have diabetes, your blood pressure is going to be among your serious concerns, therefore be familiar with it. Be careful of lifting weighty weights and if necessary, speak with your doctor about where you should start, where you want to be, and what is safe with regards to weight lifting. 6. Safety first. Whether you workout at gym, in your house or you just take long walks, it is imperative that you use an ID bracelet or puppy tag stating which you have diabetes.You shall be in a position to wear a variety of attire without any worries. This will in turn boost your confidence levels. The self-confidence levels will think about the task that you do. Hence, make sure that you perform physical workouts regularly. Enhancing concentration levels To be able to perform your day to day activities at work in the perfect manner, you should concentrate well. If you are a person who perform workouts regularly, your concentration levels would be quite high compared to others. The majority of the gyms offer meditation facilities combined with the fitness periods.