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An estimated 35,000 folks have fled after violence escalated over the past two weeks, UNICEF said. ‘Some 120,000 have been made homeless by previously rounds of fighting in an intermittent conflict that began in 2004,’ regarding to Reuters . Ann Veneman, the director of UNICEF, said aid workers are struggling to shelter, also to feed and safeguard the health of an ever-developing body of internally displaced people. Veneman said that women and children will be the ‘majority of the displaced,’ the National reports. ‘Some internally displaced people are displaced for the second or third time,’ Claire Bourgeois, the U.N.’s refugee chief in Yemen, said . Elisabeth Byrs, of the U.N.Rubino. ‘We all agree smoking is an important risk aspect for lung tumor, but no one would suggest stopping smoking can cure the disease. Obesity and diabetes are approached as though they were lifestyle issues often, rather than established diseases, which has influenced how we conceptualize the benefits and risks of therapies for diabetic and obese patients.’ Among the founders of the specialty referred to as gastrointestinal metabolic surgery, Dr. Rubino offers tracked the advantages of bariatric procedures – – specifically those that reroute instead of merely restrict the digestive tract – – when performed in severely obese sufferers with diabetes.