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The object was to split up serum [plasma] from bloodstream using readily-obtained materials in a resource-constrained environment, explains Whitesides. The gear can be purchased from shops for around two dollars. It needs no special schooling to use, no maintenance or electricity, and can become sterilised with boiling drinking water and reused. The user can even prepare several samples simultaneously – just by taping even more lengths of tubing to the beater.announced today that it offers initiated a study to confirm the efficacy of AEOL 10150 as a countermeasure to nuclear and radiological publicity in nonhuman primates. AEOL 10150 offers previously demonstrated a statistically significant survival benefit when directed at mice after contact with radiation. The new study is designed to test the efficacy of AEOL 10150 as cure for damage to the lungs due to exposure to radiation also to start establishing an pet model which can be validated and could be used by the U.S. The new research builds on outcomes from previous research in rats and mice where it was shown that doses in the number of 5 to 30 mg/kg AEOL 10150 provided daily up to 24 hrs after irradiation and administered for as long as 10 weeks mitigate functional lung damage in rats and led to a statistically significant survival advantage in mice.