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Mifepristone works by blocking a hormone required to sustain a pregnancy and when followed two days afterwards by another drug, misoprostol, induces contractions, and the pregnancy is terminated.. Abortion pill in trouble again Clostridium sordellii is a rare germ which has killed four ladies who also took the abortion tablet RU-486 and has also been implicated in the deaths of in least 11 other females following childbirth or miscarriage.Based on their encounter, clinicians at the Salzburg clinic survey that the Agility MLC’s new style provides them with an increase of precise dose sculpting features and remarkably lower nontherapeutic radiation dose sent to the patient. ‘Looking closely at several prostate cancer cases, we’ve calculated a measurable improvement in dose shaping precision with Agility’s high-resolution, five millimeter leaves,’ says Felix Sedlmayer, M.D., Chairman and Professor, Department of Radiotherapy and Radio-Oncology, Paracelsus and SALK Medical University. ‘This higher precision improves our capability to concentrate radiation to the tumor, while strictly limiting exposure to surrounding critical structures such as the rectum and bladder.