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Market. Under terms of the collaboration, Saneca shall supply intermediates, and where appropriate, process transfer technology to enable AMRI to develop over two dozen APIs. Predicated on customer demand, AMRI will prepare the U.S. Regulatory filings, and pursuing FDA approval, will produce the APIs at its U.S. DEA accepted facilities. The ongoing companies will share revenue of any marketed APIs caused by the collaboration. Additional details of the agreement have not been disclosed. We very pleased to be entering into this strategic collaboration with Saneca, said George Svokos, Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, AMRI. This alliance allows us to not only broaden our portfolio of controlled substance APIs, but it also allows us to be integrated with a competitive cost structure fully.The main investigator of the analysis Professor Sten Nilsson at the Karolinska Medical center in Stockholm said: ‘These results displaying the helpful impact of Alpharadin in terms of pain palliation are essential, as improved quality of life, alongside increased survival, will be the two key goals of anti-cancer therapy of individuals with skeletal metastases.’ Commenting on today’s further positive news with Alpharadin, Algeta’s President and CEO, Dr. Thomas Ramdahl, said: ‘These outcomes build on the positive Phase II clinical data package that we have already assembled with Alpharadin, the highlight which was the significant survival benefits that we have previously reported in patients with HRPC. Predicated on our medical trials to-date I am very self-confident that Alpharadin gets the potential to become a significant new therapy for patients with prostate tumor.