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1. Connecting to Physicians, on the Terms Typically, pharmaceutical companies had a limited array of sources available to them to communicate with physicians – the sales force, dinner meetings, conferences, and sponsorships. But today’s European physician is mass media savvy and thinking about receiving articles from a wide variety of professional information and clinical news sources. Pharmaceutical companies, appropriately, must update their romantic relationship marketing programs to take evolving communication preferences into consideration when providing new item information, clinical alerts, or product upgrades in general. For example, European physicians are amenable to receiving worthwhile information and information via email clearly. Almost 80 percent of European physicians report that they sign up to some type of medical or professional email news letters today, with the common physician reporting a lot more than six newsletter subscriptions.And almost all smokers want to stop. This is heartening news. But our survey has shown there is a good deal even more to do. Insufficient awareness among the public is a major concern. It is necessary for people to realise that being a healthy pounds and eating a properly balanced diet with a lot of fruit and vegetables really can make a difference to their tumor risk. As can preserving a dynamic lifestyle and taking advantage of screening programmes.