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Adolescents with higher sociable status face increased risk of being bullied A new study suggests that for most adolescents, becoming more popular both increases their risk of getting bullied and worsens the negative consequences of being victimized ed treatment . Most people probably would not believe that having a higher social status would raise the risk of becoming targeted, but with few exceptions, that's what we discover, said the study's lead writer Robert Faris, an associate professor of sociology at the University of California-Davis. It's sort of a hidden pattern of victimization that’s rooted in your competition for public status.

This method is feasible, reliable and cost-effective.’ With regards to estimates in other countries, the authors note that ‘few countries can make similar estimations because of lack of possibilities to link different registries. Sweden has unique skills in this area, because of the unique personal identification amount which is assigned to every Swede and obtainable in all health registers.’ However the authors add ‘we believe our findings are presumably relevant to other high-income countries because of the similarities in populations, lifestyle and incidence patterns.’ The authors explain that type 1 diabetes was once a rare disease. They state: ‘It is not known why the incidence began to increase drastically in the 1980s. It is predicted that the incidence in European countries will rise by an alarming 70 percent between 2005 and 2020.