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Capping expenditures at $350 will make sure that all people who need it can access care. Boosts of at least $1 billion over each one of the next 3 years will ensure that funding approaches the full $48 billion certified by Congress. Too much PEPFAR money will bureaucrats and middlemen, money that should be going to treatment. Domestic Helps applications limit administrative costs to 10 percent. PEPFAR contractors should be held to the same regular.By contrast, a bill that has passed Washington’s House and is working its way through the Senate would make the state the first to require all health-insurance programs under its jurisdiction -; except those declaring a conscience-based exemption -; to include abortion coverage .H. GOP Moves To Revise State’s Contraception Regulation New Hampshire, one of the least religious claims in the nation, has become the latest front in the political battle over contraception.