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We believe that in a complicated marketplace environment, this acquisition we can communicate the superior quality and performance of Abaxis' vet items to the full advantage of our existing and long term customers.’ Clint Severson, president and chief executive officer of Abaxis, Inc., commented, ‘We are very happy to have completed this acquisition. Over the years QCR & Trio Diagnostics is a trusted partner and it produced strategic sense to integrate them straight into the Abaxis group to drive even greater efficiencies in extending our brand in to the veterinary marketplace in Europe. Our objective is usually to build and improve our existence in additional geographic marketplaces to expand the growth potential of Abaxis into the future.S. Empire even agreed with the use of Botox treatment in an effort to cope with the medical head headache even prior to the US So if you are looking to eliminate your headache, pain level, Botox treatment is certainly worth considering. This process will include the hypodermic injection of Botox treatment in seven different places in your head, throat, and encounter about every three weeks. Correct Eye Problems Botox is an excellent way to cure some of the typical questions eyes these full days. It shall not give you 20/20 perspective, but Botox treatment can help for , where the crossed-eyes, , which the optical eye lid fits the problem and that it is necessary to possess blurred vision situation.