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Amflora was also under no circumstances properly investigated for basic safety, nor was it put through a rigorous environmental effect review as it must have been – – the Swedish government simply allowed the European Commission to approve the Frankencrop arbitrarily without so much as a peep of opposition. So activists have decided to take matters into their own hands once more, this time around accosting BASF tractor plows, which were along with a police escort in expectation of the activists actually.Melanoma is one of the many common cancers affecting young adults and can be life threatening. There is absolutely no safe way to tan your skin using either artificial or natural UV light. Skin cancer is definitely a preventable disease and dermatologists are viewing these cancers in normally healthy adults within their twenties and thirties. Dr Hamann said. The solarium data is part of the National Sun Study, which reveals the sun-related behaviours of more than 5000 Australian adults, aged 18 to 69 during peak UV times on summer time weekends in 2003-04.