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Chandramouli, PhD, National Cancer Institute; Lou Dainty, MD, Walter Reed Army INFIRMARY; Tracy Litzi, MS, National Cancers Institute; Michael A. Bidus, MD, Walter Reed Army Medical Center; Andrew Berchuck, MD, Duke University Medical Center; J. Carl Barrett, PhD, National Malignancy Institute; and John I. Risinger, PhD, National Malignancy Institute. The authors of the second research are: LTC G. Larry Maxwell, MD, Walter Reed Army INFIRMARY and the National Cancer Institute; Chunqiao Tian, MD, Gynecologic Oncology Group Statistical and Data Center; John I.Mr. Sassi also said prices are rising because healthful people are choosing never to buy coverage during the economic slowdown, leaving a sicker pool of clients. He said requiring visitors to buy medical health insurance would mitigate the issue . The report discovered that the five biggest insurance companies had the average profit last year of 5.2 billion. This was an increase of $4.4 billion, or 56 %, weighed against 2008, based on the report, prepared by Health Care for America Today, a coalition of liberal and labor organizations advocating for the passing of an overhaul of medical care system . The LA Times, in a separate article: Sector representatives criticized the report’s approach, pointing out that 2008 was a poor season financially across many industries.