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The other new members elected to the 2015-2017 AMCP Table of Directors are: Treasurer James Marttila, PharmD, MBA, of Rochester, Minn. Marttila can be director of pharmaceutical contracting and formulary management for the Mayo Clinic. He has offered on various AMCP committees, including the Educational Affairs Committee and as seat of the Organizational Affairs Committee. Director Lynn Nishida, RPh, of Happy Valley, Ore. Nishida is associate vice president of consulting firm Solid Benefit Guidance. She was elected for another term on the Plank, and has served on various AMCP committees, like the Educational Affairs Committee and the scheduled program Planning & Development Committee. Director Cynthia Pigg, BSPharm, MHA, FAMCP, of Richmond, Va.Dr. Jones’s study published in the journal Transactions of the brand new York Academy of Sciences displays chemotherapy is killing cancer patients four times quicker than no treatment at all. ConclusionBad advice is everywhere, and it could stem out of every profession, the medical profession even. History has taught us that there are times the experts are nearly unified within their advice and so are still dead wrong. The reasoning offers been the same, that the benefits outweigh the risks. If you are given bad medical tips, you run the chance while the benefits belong to the physician.