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Ma stated that system-related factors most likely have a larger influence on counseling rates than do physician-related factors. Therefore, she explained, it is important for policy makers and insurers-not just doctors-to find out about failures in providing preventive counseling to adolescents. What it could take to close the gaps is normally considerable, Ma said. But it’s not insurmountable, and proven interventions exist to help the process. .. Adolescents not receiving health counseling Fewer than 50 % of adolescent medical checkups include preventive wellness counseling, despite the demonstrated efficiency of doctor-delivered advice in promoting healthy behavior and also lowering risky behavior in teens.5, 2015 – – Homework could be stressful for children and parents alike, and it can be especially difficult for children with learning and behavior problems, experts say. Parents may take steps, however, to create homework less of a burden for the entire family, said education specialist Barbara Resnick, of the Family Institute in Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill. ‘Establish a routine for homework, and dedicate a collection time for it to get done,’ she suggested in a university news release.