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4 serious risks & problems with mammograms Even though mammography is the hottest screening method for breast cancer, there are numerous of valid arguments for alternate methods cialisgenerique.org . Research shows that mammograms aren’t the definitive response to early recognition, and in fact, can cause more problems than they solve often. So what is incorrect with mammography? Mammograms can add to cancer riskJohn W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D., an authority on the effects of ionizing radiation, spent 30 years studying the consequences of low-dosage radiation on humans, very much like that given in a mammogram.

Many raw vegetables, fruits, and nuts include salicylates, a natural poisonous substance meant to ward animals off of eating them mildly. There are a number of other poisonous chemicals in plants mildly, that don’t have an adverse effect on the body, unless the physical body never gets a break from their website. When we overdo it on these food types, the body develops an inflammatory reaction, that causes disease that seems unrelated. It is best to rotate your foods, having as much variety as possible, and giving the body a break from your own favorites regularly.