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This is bad news for the 185,000 patients as their private information might have been compromised because the computers contained names, addresses, Social Security amounts and billing codes that may be utilized to deduce medical histories. At this stage it really is unclear whether any patients have become victims of identity theft say the authorities. The medical practice can be recommending in a letter to all its’ sufferers that they alert their credit bureaus and monitor their credit file for a year. Based on the Postal Inspection Assistance, in 2004 more than 9.9 million Americans became identification theft victims, costing the country roughly $US5 billion.Across the entire safety-data reporting period, the utmost contact with secukinumab was 103 weeks, with a mean publicity of 438.5 times and a median exposure of 456 times. During this time period, the exposure-adjusted rates of serious adverse occasions among sufferers receiving secukinumab were 11.5 and 7.4 per 100 patient-years among those receiving 150 mg and 75 mg, respectively . Serious adverse events are listed in Desk S3 in the Supplementary Appendix. Through 16 weeks, one patient receiving 75 mg of secukinumab got a stroke. After week 16, yet another three individuals got a stroke, totaling four sufferers for the whole safety reporting period; each one of these sufferers were getting 75 mg of secukinumab . In addition, two patients acquired a myocardial infarction .