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About half these patients had cancer, and the other half had thyroid disease. General, 6 % of the patients had complications after their surgery, such as damage to voice container nerves, extreme bleeding, poor wound healing, breathing or heart problems, hormone deficiency and death. Complication rates were 4 % among individuals whose surgeon performed 25 or more total thyroidectomies a calendar year and 6 % among patients whose surgeon did less than 25 such surgeries a year. Just 19 % of the patients in the scholarly study were operated in by high-volume surgeons. The median number of total thyroidectomies performed by surgeons was seven, according to the study. The researchers calculated that patients undergoing the operation by a doctor who performed only 1 thyroidectomy each year had a 65 % increased risk of complications, compared to patients of high-volume surgeons.So when it comes to different types of braids, most popular ones are simple braid, fishtail braid and French braid. They have become easy to do and look great on almost every real face shape. From these Apart, Dutch braids and invert – French braids may also be considered. * Ponytail: This is something nearly every lady wants to make prior to going for a workout. Actually, it is the simplest type of hairstyle in which you merely need to pull the locks high and secure it with a band.