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The app includes a complete report on each CDT Code, including group of service, subcategory, method code, nomenclature and descriptor. Users can search by code amount or keyword also. The app is designed for $19.99 in the Apple iTunes Shop and the Android Marketplace by searching for the term ‘CDT Code Check. Pharmaceuticals over the prices and policies for its key HIV/AIDS drug, Isentress, probably the most costly first-line Helps treatment in the US, through the Barclays Capital Global Healthcare Conference.We hypothesized that individuals assigned to both active interventions would achieve better weight reduction than those in the control group. We further hypothesized that sufferers in the group getting in-person support would obtain greater weight reduction than those in the group receiving only remote support. Methods Oversight This trial is one of three independent trials in the Practice-based Opportunities for WEIGHT-LOSS trials, each supported by a grant from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.10,11 For this trial, Healthways, a disease-management company, also provided support.