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In the analysis of disease-free survival, a complete of 1313 events were observed. Patients treated with sequential ACT had a substantial reduction in the likelihood of disease recurrence, a second malignant condition, or loss of life as compared with either concurrent ACT .96; P=0.58). Many disease recurrence was distant .01 for the evaluation among the three groupings) . No evidence of interaction between treatment impact and any of the elements tested was noted.Nickerson, Ph.D., Myriam Fornage, Ph.D., Paul Enright, M.D., Elad Ziv, M.D., Lewis J. Smith, M.D., Kiang Liu, Ph.D.D., M.P.H.: Genetic Ancestry in Lung-Function Predictions The use of racial or ethnic classification in medical practice and research has been the main topic of debate. 1-3 Race and ethnicity are complicated constructs incorporating social, cultural, and genetic factors. Presently, pulmonary-function testing is among the few scientific applications where self-reported race or ethnic group can be used to define a standard range for a test result.