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Hollenbeck also urges randomized clinical trials to check out the value of some of the more expensive and common health services to determine their ideal use for sufferers with early stage bladder cancer. ‘Urologists should not assume that more aggressive administration of early stage bladder cancer tumor will result in better outcomes because of their patients. By reducing unnecessary health care, we can reduce wasteful spending, which will lessen the price burden of bladder tumor, probably the most expensive cancers to treat from diagnosis to loss of life,’ Hollenbeck says..Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea happened more frequently among the patients treated with apremilast than among those receiving placebo . Apremilast-Exposure Phase Among the 45 patients who had received placebo in the placebo-managed phase and were switched to apremilast at week 12, a complete of 32 had at least one adverse event through the apremilast-exposure phase. Among the sufferers who received apremilast through the entire scholarly study, 33 of 50 individuals experienced at least one adverse event between week 12 and week 24, and 50 of 55 sufferers acquired at least one adverse event between baseline and week 24. One patient who received placebo until week 12 and was after that switched to apremilast had a significant adverse event between week 12 and week 24.