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Pregnancy Intervals May Influence Autism Risk, Study Suggests: – MONDAY, Sept treatment for ed . 14, 2015 – – The quantity of time between a woman’s pregnancies may matter with regards to the possible risk of her children developing autism, new analysis suggests. ‘Children conceived in under two years after the birth of their older sibling or greater than 6 years have [about] a two – to threefold increased threat of being diagnosed with autism,’ said study researcher Lisa Croen, director of the autism research program at Kaiser Permanente division of research, in Oakland, Calif. Croen said that previous research show an increased risk connected with very short pregnancy intervals, and a higher risk with much longer than usual intervals.

This research raises the possibility we ought to also be seeking for radioactive components, said Vengosh, who is a professor of geochemistry and drinking water quality at Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment.. Coal Ash Contains High Levels of Radioactivity: Study: – FRIDAY, Sept. 11, 2015 – – Coal ash contains levels of radioactivity that raise concern about the environment and human health, experts warn. Researchers from Duke University in Durham, N.C., analyzed coal ash from all three major coal-producing basins in the United States and found levels of radioactivity which were up to five situations higher than in normal soil, and up to 10 times higher than in unburned coal.