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Click here to see images of most 20 cribs being recalled Some of the Chinese – and Vietnamese-made cribs were recalled because their drop sides can detach, creating a space where a young child could be trapped and suffocate or strangle. A 6-month-aged boy from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, strangled after obtaining trapped in the crib when the drop-side hardware broke. His parents were utilizing the crib after attempting to correct it themselves. A statement from Dorel describes the circumstances resulting in this death as extremely unusual, because the crib was known to be broken and had been held together with duct tape, according to investigators of the incident.Here are a few of the plain issues that you should do before going in for an abortion. – Consult your partner -Talk to your family – Understand the consequences of the decision – Speak to your doctor If you have decided to obtain an abortion done after that here are 5 reasons put across which might affirm your decision: 1. Getting in the competitive world, you might have ambitious plans for your own future. Women think it is hard to attain their dreams, after relationship. It is definitely harder after conceiving a kid. If your goals then are your foremost concern, you can go ahead with your decision. 2. Using technology, we can find out the genetic and physical health of the infant.