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AHIMA and its own members have longstanding experience dealing with patient matching function process and flow, pitfalls and nuances, and stand ready to provide lessons learned. Accurate patient identification is definitely foundational to the successful linking of patient information within healthcare delivery sites and across the healthcare ecosystem. Effective patient matching is key to care delivery, data exchange, analytics, and crucial business and clinical procedures. We know that effective solutions need more than technology or statistical algorithms. AHIMA is delighted to have the opportunity to convene a general public forum on how best to address the challenges of individual matching and we look forward to working with key sector stakeholders to build up solutions.The 5-year cumulative mortality for causes unrelated to prostate cancer was 9.0 percent in the short-term group and 7.4 percent in the long-term group . There was no significant difference in the cumulative incidence of fatal cardiac occasions at 5 years: 4.0 percent in the short-term group and 3.0 percent in the long-term group . There was no evidence against the proportional-hazards assumption for just about any final end point. Results for the finish points of survival free of clinical progression and survival free from distant metastases are given in the Supplementary Appendix. Discussion A previous trial of the treating locally advanced prostate cancer 1,2 showed that radiotherapy plus 3 years of androgen suppression as compared with radiotherapy only provided a benefit with respect to overall survival.