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Of those individuals, 34 % of guys and 24 % of women reported consuming 21 drinks or more. The maximum for women was about 30 beverages, while the maximum for males was about 50 beverages. Based on the given information the participants provided, the researchers estimated the drinkers’ blood alcohol content, reporting that 49 % of men and 35 % of ladies had estimated blood alcoholic beverages contents of 0.26 or higher, an even that clearly indicates severe alcohol intoxication and could business lead to dangerous health issues such as disorientation, coma and even death. To place it in context, an average size woman would need to drink anywhere between seven and nine drinks per hour to attain a BAC of 0.26, as the average man would need to drink between 10 and 12 drinks.Following the womb empties, you can expect menses to start out normally within a month or two, similar to secure engagement in intercourse.. Agilent Technologies launhces portable FTIR spectrometer Agilent Technologies Inc. today introduced a next-generation cellular spectroscopy product that is ideal for on-site tests in a broad range of applications, including advanced materials, art, historical items, geology, agriculture, composites, polymers and coatings. Thirty-five % lighter than its predecessor, the 4300 FTIR offers the performance, mobility, user and flexibility comfort nothing you’ve seen prior attained in a handheld FTIR device.