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Meanwhile, health policy, budget issues and Medicare are resonating in a number of congressional contests also. LA Times: Costly, Nasty Fight Rages In NORTH PARK Competition For Congress In its third editorial endorsing Republican congressional applicant Carl DeMaio over Democratic incumbent Scott Peters, the U-T NORTH PARK newspaper had one description of DeMaio that not even his many critics could dispute: One of a kind. DeMaio's hard-charging style, combined with his anti-Washington pledge to Repair Congress Initial, has turned the 52nd Congressional District competition into among the tightest and costliest in the united states. Local television is filled up with attack ads. Peters warns that DeMaio plans to cut student loans.Some take along an image album of favorite photos, compile a playlist on their music players to help them relax, or learn breathing and yoga techniques to help them experience calm. Some social people need to be active to relax, others need to be and calm still. Discover what works for you personally, and practice, practice, practice. Look after yourself. Before big performances it’s easy to let taking care of yourself slip as you spend a lot of time on rehearsals and practice. You’ll look and feel your best if you get enough sleep and eat healthy meals before your performance.