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It commemorates the full day time in 1953 when James Watson, Francis Crick and colleagues published papers in Character about the double-helix structure of DNA. 23andMe aims to help individuals understand their genetic info through DNA evaluation and study and looks to provide greater attention to the necessity for education and broader knowledge of DNA among the general public. 23andMe provides a variety of free educational assets open to anyone on its site. You can view the firm's popular Genetics 101 video series and other educational materials in: The study was commissioned by carried out and 23andMe in March of 2014 by independent study firm, Kelton. The survey contains 1,000 respondents over the age of 18 among a stratified random sample representative of the United States population. The survey results have got a margin of mistake of + or – 3.1 % and a confidence degree of 95 %..A similar study published in the January problem of Cancer found that 22 percent of breasts cancer sufferers taking the medication tamoxifen to reduce the chance of recurrence stopped taking the medicine by the finish of one year. The study also found that a lot more than one-third of individuals had stopped taking tamoxifen after three-and-a-half years. Today According to USA, ‘Known reasons for this lack of adherence. Are complex, and quick fixes are few.’ Doctors say the ‘problem cuts across all socioeconomic groupings’ and often goes unrecognized, USA Today reports. Authors of the tamoxifen study – – from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland – – wrote that decreased sociable support and declining memories might be reasons why older individuals stopped taking their medicines.