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Through this collaboration, we wish that our proprietary technology will be able to offer a new treatment substitute for patients experiencing the recurrence of mind and neck cancer, an important unmet medical need.’ Based on the National Tumor Institute and the American Tumor Society, head and neck cancers represent around 3 % of most cancers in the United States and are twice as common in men as in women.Assuming a suggest of two exacerbations per subject matter per year, we had a need to include 60 subjects to be able to have 80 percent capacity to detect a 50 percent reduction in exacerbation rate of recurrence. Secondary-outcome values were log-transformed where appropriate. Proportions were compared with the use of Fisher’s exact test. Statistical software programs used for several analyses included SPSS, version 13 , Stata, version 7 , and GraphPad Prism, edition 4 . Results Enrollment and Baseline Characteristics Figure 1Figure 1Numbers of Patients Who Had been Screened, Enrolled, and Assigned to a scholarly study Group and Who Completed the Study. Shows the true numbers of subjects who were screened, enrolled, and randomly assigned to a study group and who finished the study.