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You shouldn’t be afraid to speak to your doctor about this condition because treatment is obtainable. Bedwetting : Bedwetting is common in preschool children. By age five, it’s estimated that around 20 % of children wet the bed and by age 10 the %age drops to 5 %. By puberty, this rate is less than 1 %. Enuresis, or bedwetting, is almost never due to laziness or deliberate willfulness by the child. Parents should be supportive and understanding, and look for medical information if their older child continues wetting the bed.It was Dr Hoppmann’s motivation to partner SUSME and AIUM to develop the 2013 Calendar year of Ultrasound campaign, designed to highlight ultrasound in education. Dr Hoppmann presented the Plenary Session Medical Education: Ultrasonography as a Basic Clinical Competency in addition to moderating a 2-part Teach-the-Teacher course during the 2012 AIUM Annual Convention. The AIUM congratulates these most deserving individuals for their remarkable contributions toward advancing ultrasound in medicine.

10-year-older gets new vein created from stem cells A 10-year-old girl made medical history when a vein produced from her personal stem cells was transplanted into her body to take care of a life-threatening blockage.