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Record says Investments in agricultural technology ought to be directed to Africa’s smallholder farmers in an effort to increase food protection after years of low funding, the U.N. Conference on Trade and Advancement stated in a written report on Wednesday, Reuters reviews .N. Information Centre writes. The survey notes that Africa’s smallholder farmers can benefit from new technology such as low-cost drip irrigation and plastic water tanks to shop runoff, as opposed to modern irrigation systems which can boost crop yields but are designed more for bigger farms, the news headlines service notes . Government policies can play a role. The report notes how a plan of ‘smart subsidies’ to help ease access to fertilisers has resulted in staggering raises in maize creation in Malawi, showing the key part performed by credit and various other instruments in improving access to existing technology, regarding to Reuters.Depressive disorder and dementia, which effect other medical conditions typically, are difficult for primary care doctors to take care of during their limited period with patients, stated Regenstrief Institute investigator and IU Center for Aging Study scientist Michael LaMantia, M.D., MPH, who led the scholarly study. The Aging Brain Care Medical Home program could be an attractive option in response to some of the difficulties posed by our country's rapidly ageing populace and the anticipated insufficient geriatricians and primary doctors to look after them. Treatment coordinator assistants head to sufferers' homes, develop human relationships with them, measure the safety of the real home environment, focus on the needs of both individuals and caregivers, and offer support to deal with the many consequences of a depression or dementia diagnosis.