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Palmer Courage to instruct Award for Plan Director Excellence at its 2011 awards ceremony in Nashville, Tenn. The Council stated it presents the award to program directors who have found ‘innovative ways to teach residents to supply quality healthcare.’ The Courage to instruct Award is named in honor of Parker J. Palmer, a writer and traveling instructor who works on problems in education independently, community, spirituality and public change. The Council shall honor Dr. De Virgilio at a March 4, 2011 ceremony in Nashville. ‘Congratulations to Dr. De Virgilio upon this honor and the countless years of remarkable education and teaching he has offered for citizens and medical students,’ stated LA BioMed CEO and President David I.Ustekinumab works well in treating psoriasis,18 whereas evidence-based data concerning its effect on atopic eczema are lacking. However, since there are reports that Th1 and Th17 react to microbial antigens and to self-antigens released after cell damage, during the chronic stage of atopic eczema,1,8 ustekinumab could improve atopic eczema lesions. Cyclosporine suppresses all T-cell subpopulations through calcineurin inhibition and was an efficient treatment for both psoriasis and atopic eczema lesions in Affected person 2 . In summary, we describe the rare simultaneous occurrence of two supposedly antagonistic diseases, atopic and psoriasis eczema.