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We used exact logistic regression to estimate relative risks of intussusception in children getting the monovalent vaccine, as compared with the pentavalent vaccine, after adjustment for site, age , dose, and sex. All analyses had been conducted by using SAS software, version 9.3 . Results Risk of Intussusception for Monovalent Vaccine In the sequential analysis, the log-likelihood ratio first surpassed the critical value for all doses of monovalent rotavirus vaccine after the identification of the third case of intussusception, when 156,660 total doses had been administered. We continuing surveillance through March 2013. At that time, 207,955 doses of monovalent rotavirus vaccine had been administered, including 115,908 first dosages and 92,047 second doses.But people are discovering that their resolution to lose excess weight and obtain toned is much easier with a medicine, or exercise ball. These balls can definitely target your primary section and if you combine it with On the Ball With Sara Ivanhoe: Yoga exercise Workout for Beginners, you’re sure to find success then. On your golf ball With Sara Ivanhoe: Yoga Workout for Beginners incorporates the use of a medication ball with the stretches and exercises associated with yoga exercise. The ball is incredibly useful in maintaining your spine aligned and also provides a great foundation to accomplish some of the core exercises. It will be makes you alert to where your middle is and how to improve your balance.