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This hidden pathway and resultant free of charge radical overload appears to help current antibiotics do their job, but is not enough to kill all bacteria alone always. Collins’ group theorizes that if this effect can be amplified, or if the cell’s genetic protection against it can be weakened, no bacteria could withstand its impact and the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria could be limited.’ But, there’s really nothing wrong. Earlier work by Kohanski and co-lead writer Dan Dwyer, a postdoctoral researcher in Collins’ lab, revealed the 1st hints that underlying pathway is present. In studying bacterial response to a quinolone, an antibiotic that inhibits DNA replication, they noted a amazing change in genes responsible for energy production and iron uptake.Republicans blocked the nomination of Tavenner's predecessor, Donald Berwick, MD, following feedback he made praising aspects of the British healthcare system. Tavenner, a Virginia indigenous, has worked for the past 3 years as CMS' principal deputy administrator before becoming acting administrator following Berwick's departure . The Hill: Senate Votes 91-7 TO VERIFY Tavenner To Mind Medicare, Medicaid Services The Senate confirmed President Obama's nominee to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Solutions . On Wednesday, the Senate voted 91-7 for Marilyn Tavenner to lead CMS, which hasn't had a Senate-confirmed administrator in seven years .