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When blended with alcohol, this drug causes a range of unpleasant symptoms intended to discourage further mixing. Unfortunately, regular use of Disulfuram could cause acne in a few patients. Immuran. Like various other immunosuppressants, Immuran is used to suppress the immune system in individuals awaiting an organ transplant. It can help prevent organ rejection; additionally, it may suppress your bodys organic capability to fight the bacterias that cause acne.Knowing these risk factors could help doctors recognize and treat high-risk individuals, according to the authors of the scholarly study published online Aug. 26 in the journal Neurology. We are at a spot where more kids are surviving cancer because of lifesaving interventions. Today, we are facing long-term problems associated with these interventions, co-writer Dr. Sabine Mueller, director of the University of California, SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Pediatric Human brain Tumor Center, said in a university news release. Previous research has shown that radiation therapy to the head is a solid predictor of a first stroke. In an earlier study, this same group of investigators found that kids treated for human brain tumors were 30 times more likely to truly have a stroke than their siblings.