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Baseline XeQOLS scores were subtracted from follow-up XeQOLS ratings; a negative switch would show improvement in xerostomia burden. At the nine-month follow-up , the median change in XeQOLS score was -0.53 for patients in the ALTENS arm and was -0.27 for individuals in the pilocarpine arm. At follow-up 15 months from randomization, the median transformation in XeQOLS score was -0.60 for individuals in the ALTENS arm and was -0.47 for patients in the pilocarpine arm. The median change in XeQOLS scores improved for individuals in the ALTENS arm consistently, however, none of the variations were statistically significant. The proportions of individuals who had 20 % or more improvement from their baseline XeQOLS ratings were regularly higher in the ALTENS arm and the difference was significant at 15 months from randomization.All a chemical peel does is the procedure in a safe and controlled manner jumpstart. The three most well-known chemical peels today are the salicylic acid peel, the glycolic acid peel, and tea peels. Tea peels are concentrated solutions of green tea extract along with other additives made to peel off the top layer of skin carefully, while drawing the poisons we take into our bodies out through the skin pores. The outcome is a fresh and shining new layer of skin when the old layer is flaked off. Salicylic acid peels possess an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces the inflammation and redness sometimes due to chemical peels. The real reason for that is that the chemical substance make-up of the salicylic acid is just like that of aspirin, and gets the identical effects as the manufactured drug.