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In addition, in December of 2009 found consumer screening conducted by Aetna increases in overall consumer satisfaction , satisfaction with the organization of the site and simple navigation . The most visited features of Aetna. Aetna. Other non-members who regularly use the site include employers, medical health insurance brokers, healthcare providers and their staff, job and investors seekers.. Aetna.com: Most visited health insurance website The redesigned Aetna recently.com is popular with web surfers, who made it the most visited internet site among health insurers in the 4th quarter of 2009.com time and time again if they need information about their health and benefits, or are ready to purchase a plan. ComScore reviewed websites and web traffic for 18 insurers and aggregators of insurance details for the quarter.This marketing campaign allows us to reach many more potential customers for our current offerings as well as aggressively release our planned new offerings from November, therefore increasing our new consumer acquisitions as well as allowing us to reach out to our thousands of current clients for special occasions, stated Brian Sperber, President of AcuMedSpa. The Company estimates that it will build up to investing up to 20 percent of its revenues in Advertising focusing generally on INTERNET MARKETING and slowly adding main stream advertising to create increased brand recognition inside our markets. Emilio Yepez, Vice and Co-Founder President of ARC Media Consultants, stated, We value the opportunity to work with AcuMedSpa in their Internet Marketing endeavors and in executing their business program, making them the leaders in the Spa, Acupuncture and Wellness field in South Florida.