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AARP committed to health reform, but seniors remain split AARP leaders, like Morie Smile, the association’s acting director in Colorado, have been asked to help relaxed the fury and appropriate the misinformation that has poured forth come early july and rattled so many senior citizens, the Washington Post reviews. Epitomizing the dilemma, at a recent discussion board arranged by Smile, one senior stated, We’ve got to do something for each one of these people who don’t have health care, but I don’t understand who’s going to get the shaft.If a health department detects a problem at a hospital, it can notify that hospital and all other facilities linked to it that infection control initiatives have to be stepped up, he stated. Patients carrying resistant bugs can be put into private rooms, healthcare workers can take additional precautions to prevent the pass on of germs, and more caution can be used with antibiotics. But Jernigan said nursing homes and other long-term treatment facilities need to be brought in to the network, since many individuals bring antibiotic-resistant germs with them if they are used in hospitals.