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AP looks at USAID administrator vacancy Although there’s ‘increasing pressure’ on President Obama ‘to fill his administration’s vacant top foreign-assistance post. S side effects . International policy. ‘ ‘White House officials possess not explained the delay nor provided a timeline for a nomination. Spokesman Tommy Vietor stated Obama wished to appoint a qualified nominee as soon as possible. He mentioned that the vacancy had not avoided the administration from launching ambitious advancement projects,’ the news service writes, adding that the ‘exhaustive group of personal and monetary disclosures is acquiring the largest talk about of the blame for delaying a nomination.’ With out a USAID administrator, Clinton, who ‘has made clear that she views diplomacy and development as imperative to U.S.

All rights reserved.. AP examines implementation of China’s plan to rebuild health system The Associated Press tracks the progress in rebuilding the ongoing health system in China, eight months following the federal government launched a three-year $124-billion health care program. The article outlines the goals of the scheduled program – like the building of brand-new hospitals and clinics, an expansion of state health insurance and a decrease in drug costs – as well as some of the problems that may lie forward. Sixty % of the financing is supposed to come from regional governments, and it’s really unclear how poorer ones should come up with the money, the news service writes.