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In the 30 days before screening, three quarters of the patients have been taking aspirin and 15 percent have been taking a vitamin K antagonist. Of the 5599 patients enrolled, 2216 acquired previously received but discontinued vitamin K antagonist therapy; for 932 of these patients , it was determined that the INR could not be managed in the therapeutic range Therapy.). Regarding 2387 of the 5599 patients signed up for the study , the physician had identified that INR measurements cannot be obtained or were unlikely to be obtained at the requested intervals.Furthermore, we observed 7 situations of optic neuropathy, 21 instances of peripheral neuropathy, and 1 case of rhabdomyolysis,28 with these occasions occurring through the first year of treatment. Of the 38 sufferers who received linezolid, 33 underwent the scheduled second randomization . In the second randomization, 17 individuals were assigned to keep getting the 600-mg daily dose, and 16 to receive 300 mg each day. Of the 17 patients who continued taking 600 mg per day, 15 had an adverse event related to the analysis drug, with 11 taking the reduced dose of 300 mg each day subsequently; of the 16 individuals who received 300 mg each day, 11 got an adverse event related to the analysis medication.