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Amsellem said. However, the fact that senescent endothelial cells released factors promoting sustained irritation was a novel getting. The fact that it is the accelerated ageing phenomenon of cells that contributes to inflammation will open up a new therapeutic technique to cure chronic irritation in COPD disease, she added. Future study will focus on strategies to limit senescence of cells connected with inflammation, and to understand how senescence of endothelial cells impacts other cells involved in conditions, which may occur in sufferers with COPD, such as for example cardiovascular disease.. Accelerated aging process of cells might play a role in lung inflammation linked with COPD Changes in the ability of lung cells to divide might play a role in initiating or prolonging lung tissue inflammation, a hallmark of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease , according to a study conducted by experts in France.Dr. William Harbour, of Miami’s Bascom Palmer Eyesight Institute, is certainly a pioneer in dealing with ocular melanoma – eye cancers. He’s also created a new genetic test that divides patients into two classes of survivability: Class I or Course II. Very simply, Class I cancer cells act like normal cells and will be killed. In Course II, the cells have mutated and have begun to spread through the entire physical body. There is absolutely no cure for Class II. As far as precision goes, in comparison to other genetic checks out there, where will Dr. Harbour’s stand? He replied, I’m informed by my colleagues in other fields of oncology that could very well be the most accurate prognostic test of any cancer. Certainly among the most accurate of any tumor.