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To consider one example, in a session on innovations in severe heart failure, professionals shall present the latest data on new treatments such as for example vasodilator therapy, ventricular-arterial coupling, an interatrial decompression device, and mechanical support. Journalists may be particularly interested in classes covering controversies in clinical practice that are heavily discussed among physicians, said Professor Huber. These include pre-treatment of individuals with acute coronary syndromes , the use of bivalirudin versus heparin during main percutaneous coronary intervention , thrombus aspiration in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction , and early management after out of medical center cardiac arrest.By educating everyone involved with prescribing and dispensing opioids about the symptoms that may indicate that diversion, abuse or misuse are occurring, we’re hoping to boost the health of the nation. The red flag indicators for both pharmacists and physicians were placed into two categories – those factors more indicative of substance abuse or diversion, and other aberrant medication-related behaviors and factors indicative of drug abuse or diversion potentially.