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Include traditional primary care specialties , and also medical and surgical specialties. Newman, M.D., Tenet’s chief operating officer. Tenet’s facilities and its own affiliated doctors have already been integral elements of Aetna’s networks for many years. We’re glad our members will continue steadily to access their quality healthcare providers, said Carl King, mind of Aetna National Contracting and Networks Services.. Aetna, Tenet sign new multi-year contract to access quality health care services Tenet Healthcare Corporation and Aetna announced today that they have signed a fresh multi-year agreement.The chi-sq. Check was used to measure the between-group differences both in the proportion of bystander-initiated CPR and in the secondary outcomes. We present the approximated between-group differences in proportions and 95 percent confidence intervals, which were calculated through the asymptotic method without continuity correction. Logistic regression was also used to determine the corresponding outcomes after adjustment for these elements. The model strategy was the following. First, we studied the association between bystander-initiated CPR and each one of the factors one at a time. Second, we approximated an altered model with all the factors to study the result of the intervention altered for feasible confounders. Third, to discover whether the aftereffect of the intervention differed between your two groupings after adjustment for the possible confounders, we tested feasible two-way interactions between the intervention and each of the other factors by using the Wald check.