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There have been no prespecified subgroup analyses. The results of post hoc subgroup analyses are provided for descriptive purposes. No formal interim analyses were planned or performed. The data and safety monitoring panel monitored the occurrence of medical occasions from the standpoint of safety. Results Patients A complete of 614 patients were signed up for the analysis: 311 in the lenient-control group and 303 in the strict-control group . The combined groupings were well matched, with the exception of an increased prevalence of coronary artery disease and statin use, and a somewhat higher diastolic pressure, in the lenient-control group. Heart Rates Data recorded by the end of the dose-adjustment phase are reported in Table 2Desk 2Rate-Control Targets and Drug Therapy at the End of the Dose-Adjustment Stage, According to Treatment Group.No-one who is not an author contributed to the manuscript. The first author wrote all drafts of the manuscript. The academic authors administered the scholarly study drugs to the patients and collected the study data. The academic authors and Pharmacyclics coordinated the study, provided regulatory oversight, and analyzed the scholarly research data.11 Secondary objectives included the dedication of progression-free medication and survival safety. Serum IgM and complete blood counts were obtained at the beginning of each routine for 3 cycles and thereafter every 3 cycles. Bone marrow biopsies and computed tomography had been repeated at cycles 6, 12, and 24, and thereafter annually. CT assessments were performed locally with the use of bidimensional serial measurements of representative nodes.