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Dr Wilson may be the first writer on a paper that predicts that HIV transmission over a ten-yr period will be four situations higher in serodiscordant lovers who abandon condom make use of than if condoms had been used. The research is founded on mathematical modeling in a human population of 10,000 lovers where one is usually HIV positive and the various other is HIV adverse. It found that there will be 215 female-to-male transmissions, 425 male-to-woman transmissions and 3,524 male-to-man transmissions in each 10,000 couple group.Emergency medical procedures to control further bleeding was required much less regularly in the restrictive-strategy group than in the liberal-strategy group . Adverse Events The entire rate of complications was significantly reduced the restrictive-strategy group than in the liberal-strategy group , seeing that was the price of serious adverse events . Transfusion reactions and cardiac events, pulmonary edema mainly, occurred more often in the liberal-strategy group . The rates of other adverse events, such as for example acute kidney damage or bacterial infections, did not differ significantly between the groups .