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Since the variation in regular anatomy is increased in hearts with congenital abnormalities, a precise replica – a three dimensional roadmap – – allows surgeons to strategize before entering the operating room. A 3D model allowed me to strategy the surgery in advance, which designed Esther spent less time in surgery and received less anesthesia – making the procedure safer. Three-dimensional printing technology can create an object of any form by printing level upon level, employing plastics or other materials instead of ink, explained Jon Detterich, MD, a pediatric cardiologist who specializes in non-invasive cardiac imaging.Mushrooms Mushrooms aren’t only tasty to eat, they can protect one from tumor also. At least some mushrooms can. Like the reishi , shiitake and maitake, which the Chinese and Japanese have already been using for ages to improve immunity, protect against in addition to treat tumor. 6. Yogurt Different species of probiotics within yoghurt have been found to improve immunity and detoxify many carcinogens, including hormones, meats carcinogens and environmental toxins. 7. Spinach Many people produced their impression of spinach from viewing the cartoon Popeye as a kid. But is this green food as wonderful as it is portrayed to end up being? Long reputed for raising energy and power, spinach can be an anti-cancer food due to the richness in chlorophyll and carotene.